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General Department of financial Administrative Affairs


Abdu Al-Wahab AL-Aryane (General Manager)

Tel:+967 - 1 - 442630

fax: +967 - 1 - 442632



This General Department shall undertake the following tasks and functions:

  1. Organization and administration of financial, administrative and personnel work, pursuant to the effective rules and regulations.

  2. Preparation of the Draft Annual Budget of the Board and its branches in coordination with those concerned, elaboration of memoranda Pertaining thereto and setting up programs for their implementation pursuant to the budget implementation principles.

  3. Closing the accounts and preparation of the budget final accounts of the Board.

  4. Organization and inventorying of stores, pursuant to the prevailing rules and regulations that prevail in this respect.

  5. Provision of financial data that reflect project implementation indicators to be used for the preparation of its annual plans,

  6. Maintenance of specialized books and registers for all financial activities of the Board (revenue, expenditure and assets) and verification of all entries in such books and registers regularly and pursuant to the prevailing accounting rules and principles.

  7. Performance of annual inventor for the Board's assets, in collaboration with the competent Departments and provision of financial data that reflect project implementation indicators to be used for the preparation of its annual plans.

  8. Archiving, maintenance and organization of personnel files and all transactions pertaining to personnel.

  9. Participation, with the competent agencies in identifying the manpower required by the Board and its distribution according to need.

  10. Following up and handling personnel issues, such as appointment, training, leave, transfer, delegation, secondment, pension, insurance etc., pursuant to the effective rules and regulations; following the implementation of such issues with the competent agencies.

  11. Implementation of financial issues pertaining to purchase of commodity and service inputs, tenders and employment contracts pursuant to the effective rules and regulations.

  12. Proposing the Board's financial policy, presentation of reports on the financial position, evaluation of financial constrains and proposing remedies therefore.

  13. Facilitation and provision of inputs for the various organizational divisions to streamline their work.

  14. Implementation of programs approved by the Management Board,  pursuant to the budget and in a manner that doesn't contradict the prevailing rules and regulations.

  15. Settlement of Board's obligations for others on fixed dates.

  16. Preparation, revision and disbursement of salaries and other personnel
    emoluments; deduction of amounts on behalf of others pursuant to the effective rules and regulation and payment of such monthly deductions to those concerned in accordance with the prevailing financial system.

  17. Provision of means for depositing and safeguarding cash, valuable documents and printed materials; organization of administration and use of the above pursuant to the effective financial system.

  18. Following up procurement of customs or tax exemptions for equipment and machinery that are brought into the country in accordance with project agreements concluded with the Board, in coordination with the competent agencies.

  19. Securing an internal monitoring system on all financial and administrative acts to ensure soundness of application of the effective financial and administrative systems.

  20. Reporting financial and administrative violations to the Chairman.

  21. Expediting replies to inquiries and reports of the Central Monitoring and Accounting Organization in coordination with the Monitoring and Inspection Department.

  22. Participation in all committees indicated in the financial and administrative laws.

  23. Preparation and implementation of programs to safeguard the properties of the Board and secure them in accordance with the prevailing system and performance of regular maintenance for-.all equipment, fixtures and buildings.

  24. Deciding and identification of the Board's requirements of buildings, machinery, equipment and various input; elaboration of purchase plans to procure them after presentation of the same to the Management Board for approval.

  25. Maintenance of cleanliness and good appearance of the Board's building and offices.

  26. Organization of motor pool, communications and other services necessary for the running of the Board's activity; renewal of vehicle licenses and settlement of water, electricity and telephone bills.

  27. Identification of furniture, office equipment and stationery requirements for the running of the Board's activity; elaboration of a suitable plan and instructions for purchasing them pursuant to the effective systems.

  28. Coordination of its activities with the other General Departments in the Sector and Board.

  29. Proposing training needs in the field of its activity.

  30. Presentation of regular reports on its activities and achievement.

  31. Any other tasks entailed by the nature of its functions or provided under the effective rules and regulations.


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