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Dr. Ali Mutar Khalaf

Tel:+967 - 1 - 733815402

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P.O.Box: 18628 Sana'a-REPUBLIC OF YEMEN.

Email: ali_m_kh@yahoo.com








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Professionally qualified with more than 20 years of field seismic acquisition, 2D & 3D parameters designing. Very good knowledge in Seismic processing and Interpretation. Very good experience of the preparation and negotiation of contracts. Accomplished in all areas relating Seismic survey programs, Qc, Field crews, Materials and logistics. Professional in Computer programming in various programming languages.


In contract with P.E.P.A (Petroleum Exploration and Production Authority) of the republic of Yemen, which is the unique establishment that follow up all geophysical operations carried on by foreign oil companies, as geophysical consultant.

Responsibility :

·          Checking and follow up all seismic operations carried on by foreign companies.

·          Training of  geophysical engineers in all seismic fields before borrowing them to the executive companies.

·          Checking of documents and materials submitted to P.E.P.A by the worked companies.

·          Studying companies offers for executing seismic programs for some contractor companies, I focus especially on the technical parts before their approval by P.E.P.A.

·          Creating many computer programs related to Seismic operations.

·          Negotiation with companies when there is any problem related to survey.

·          Writing & supervision of many internal seismic studies for some Yemen blocks

O.E.C Iraq, upgraded to chief geophysicist becoming head of quality control section in the Seismic Department - Baghdad.

Responsibility :

·          Follow up all field seismic operations with the assistance of many Geophysicists.

·          Creating dozens of computer softwares related to seismic such as Static, Up holes, Refraction, … Itc.

·          Executed dozens of seismic noise tests before the start of seismic survey programs, in different areas in Iraq to determine field parameters.

·          Designed 3 to 4 3D seismic programs by using (Sabre, SeisGrid).

·          Carried on many training courses for geophysical engineers in all seismic fields.

·          Carried on many training courses of computer programming and operating systems starting from old DOS to Windows at that time for geophysical engineers.


Upgraded to senior geophysicist, worked as  first  deputy of head of quality control  section  in the  field  seismic survey dept (OEC – Iraq).

Upgraded to geophysicist worked as field seismic geophysicist in one of the Iraqi Seismic crews.

Transferred to (OEC), daughter of (INOC), Field Seismic Survey Dept. Quality Control Section. Worked as junior geophysicist.

Msc. & PhD. degree studying (Geophysics), in France.

Engaged as a junior geologist in Iraqi National Oil Company( INOC) south division.

1.       New interpolation approach for seismic 2d & 3d static correction calculation, December 1999, Paper presented at the International Sciences Conference in Yemen, 2000.

2.       Author of small text book titled ( Basics of estimation of Field Geophysical Operation, Products of Ministry of Oil and Minerals- Yemen, May, 2001

3.       Analysis of seismic parameters used in some blocks in Yemen, August, 2002.

4.       Supervision of two Msc & one PhD  degree studies  with  the  university stuffs in Baghdad - Iraq.

5.      Number of researches, studies, project reports, and final field reports, inside Iraq Oil Exploration Company .

6.       External examiner for two Msc. students in Sana’a University, Yemen 2001, 2003.

7.       Seismic study of proposed prospects in block 51 Yemen, September, 2003.

8.       Analytical study of geophone and source array configurations used in seismic surveys in some blocks in Yemen, April 2004.

9.       Comparative study of some seismic field filters used in seismic data acquisition, Yemen, December 2005.

10.   Number of studies, reports about some blocks in Yemen,

 - Participation in the negotiations with foreign oil companies many times as a member of a company team for preparing contracts.

- Designing of some 3D seismic survey using software such as Sabre,  Seisgrid and participated in Seismic conference for one week in Jordon on March 2000 with the active presence of Omni, Vista software’s Programmer Mr. Mike Calibraith, created for designing and processing.  

- Designing of field 2D & 3D seismic parameters through a full seismic   noise tests for more than ten different seismic projects in Iraq.

- Preparing 3D preplanning for two  3D seismic projects in Iraq.

- Creation of P.C. softwares for seismic survey & quality control   purposes in different programming languages specially with Borland c and c++. such as :

·          Automatic interpretation software used for  continuous refraction data, presented at the Iraqi geological congress, 1994, Baghdad, Iraq.

·          Array response curves program in basic and Microsoft c, Iraq, 1993.

·          Rose diagram plot program used for structural liniments studies for the geologists, Iraq, 1994.

·          Refraction, up-holes and static corrections programs , Iraq, 1994.

·          Continuous refraction software applied in Fatha Dam, 300 Km. north east of Baghdad, Iraq, 1997.

·          Static correction interpolation program, Iraq, 2000.

- Some programs for the analysis of gravity and magnetic data such as ,Upward, Downward continuation, Secondary derivative, and Filtering,…. itc . Yemen , 2002.



1.       Advanced p.c. softwares for reports writing, data presentation & tables drawing using  Windows 95, 98, Office 97, Excel, PowerPoint, Quattro Professional and Access.

2.       Computer MS - Dos for different levels in O.E.C. and others.

3.       Computer programming languages such as Basic, Fortran 4 ,    Fortran 77 & Microsoft c .

4.       3D seismic survey designing & preplanning using Sabre.


(JUIN 2000 – JUNE 2005) :

1.       Field Seismic Acquisition for geophysical engineers, August, 2000.

2.       Designing of field seismic filters and problems facing the execution of  seismic surveys, Jan, 2001.

3.       3D Seismic Survey Technique. Designing of Survey Operations.

4.       Quality Control, examining and auditing of field seismic equipments before and after the beginning of survey operations, August, 2001.

5.       Seismic Data Processing. Steps and fundamental concepts. October, 2001.

6.       Seismic Interpretation Methods. Examples of structural and stratigraphic traps. December, 2002.

7.       Maps drawing using Surfer 32 software, 2002.

8.       Vibroseis an essential seismic energy source. Jan, 2003.

9.       Seismic Acquisition review for geophysical engineers in (P.E.P.A) / Yemen, December, 2003.

10.   Essential Principles for advanced seismic interpretation. April, 2004.

11.   Structural Seismic Interpretation, October, 2004.

12.  Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy and Stratigraphic Interpretation, March, 2005.


PhD. Study in the ( Institute  National Polytechniques  de  Loraine, Ecole Supérieur de Géologie Appliquée et de Prospection Miniers, L.A.G.A.S.), France. (Mining Geophysics. Thesis title was (Translated from French) “ Metallic Mineral Characterization by Electrical Properties “.

Msc. in Applied Geology, from the University of Franch-               Comte Besancon, College of Sciences and Techniques, France.

Bsc. in Geological Sciences – Geophysics. From Baghdad University -  College of  Sciences, Iraq.

1.       French (Read, Write and Speak Fluently)

2.       English (Read, Write and Speak Fluently)

3.       Arabic as Mother Language

 Place & date of birth : Baghdad - Iraq \ 1953

Marital status            : married

Children                    : ( 2 )

Nationality                 : Iraqi


·          Member of Iraq Geological Society No. Of Membership (772).

·          Strong negotiation and interpersonal skills.

·          Good computer programmer in Basic, Fortran, C, and C++ and user on Grapher package and Photoshop..

·          Iraq driving license

Sport in general, running, body building, traveling, music.


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