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General Department of Data Bank


Eng/ Abdullah Ali AL-Atesh  (General Manager)

Tel:+967 - 1 - 441631

fax: +967 - 1 - 441632

P.O.Box: 7196 Sana'a-REPUBLIC OF YEMEN.

Email: dbgm@pepa.com.ye 


This Department shall undertake the following tasks and functions:

  1. Maintenance, organization and archiving of all exploration and production information pursuant to modem methods and techniques.

  2. Preparation of a Quality Control System for the information delivered by companies engaging in tile petroleum and gas fields, pursuant to international standards.

  3. Participation in the preparation of a mechanism for exhibition and promotion of information regarding open relinquished blocks.

  4. Development of the data base through integrating advanced programs in it.

  5. Creation of a model Central Information Network System and direct connection of the competent agencies and the competent technical departments to system.

  6. Proposing and implementation of intensive training programs for geologists and engineers engaging with the Board on the use of the Information System to carry out various petroleum studies.

  7. Preparation of samples of data and information that prevail in petroleum industries and those provided for in the agreements.

  8. Participation in preparation of an information exchange system and, methods of its use and utilization, in a way that would preserve the confidentiality of such information pursuant to the regulations that organize such a system.

  9. Organization of movement of flow of various information from companies.

  10. Inventorying and collection of data and information from companies engaging in the fields of exploration and production; following up such data and information through the competent agencies and fulfillment of any shortcomings in them.

  11. Organization of the information lending operation to beneficiaries in accordance with the system that prevails in the Board.

  12. Participation in preparation, organization, extension and promotion of the petroleum library.

  13. Receiving rock samples, maintaining them in proper methods and preparing them for examination.

  14. Maintenance of magnetic tapes, provision of all conditions required for such maintenance and updating these methods.

  15. Providing the competent technical departments, on weekly basis, with data lists received from petroleum companies.

  16. Coordination of its activities with the other General Departments of the Sector and the Board.

  17. Proposing training needs in the field of its activity.

  18. Presentation of regular reports on its activities and achievement.

  19. Any other tasks entailed by the nature of  its functions.


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