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Deputy Chairman for Exploration Affairs


Abdulatif  Aldafari     PE

Tel:+967 - 1 - 442635

Fax: +967 - 1 - 441225

P.O.Box: 7196 Sana'a-REPUBLIC OF YEMEN.

Email: expd@pepa.com.ye


The Deputy of the Authority for Exploration Affairs shall undertake, under the supervision of the Chairman, the following tasks and functions:

1-      Direct supervision over the General Departments Affiliated to the sector, guiding them and evaluating their performance.

2-      Preparation of the Draft Annual plan of the Sector and setting up the programs that are necessary for their implementation.

3-      Improvement and simplification of work procedures in the sector to facilitate the work of the agencies engaging in the field of exploration.

4-       Presentation of proposals for improving work technologies to promote the works of the Board in filed of exploration

5-      Supervision over preparation of studies relating to open and relinquished exploration blocks, pursuant to the variable data and presentation of reports on them.

6-      Consideration of the reports of Technical and Consultative Operation Committees ,discussing them with those competent and presenting remarks on them.

7-      Following up procedures of applications of Companies engaging in the field of exploration with regard to any relinquishment ,extension or withdrawal ,pursuant to the competent agreements.

8-      Signing import License of all materials submitted by companies engaging in the field of exploration and presentation of the same to the Chainman for approval pursuant to the competent agreements.

9-      Following up implementation of exploration works.

10-   Coordination of sectors activities with the Production sector, whenever necessary.

11-   Proposing the sector’s training and qualification needs.

12-   Presentation of regular reports on the sector’s activities and its achievement.

13-   Any other tasks entailed by the nature of his tasks or whatever tasks entrusted to him by the Chairman.


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