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General Department of Studies & Researches


Eng/ Mohammed Abdullah Hasan (General Manager)

Tel:+967 - 1 - 441231/441221 Ext.110

fax: +967 - 1 - 444225/444224

P.O.Box: 7196 Sana'a-REPUBLIC OF YEMEN.

Email: stdgm@pepa.com.ye Or msaruri@fulbrightweb.org Or msaruri@hotmail.com


The work team in this General Department shall undertake the following tasks and functions:

  1. Performance of detailed geological studies and research for the various parts of the Republic, in collaboration with the competent agencies in the Board.

  2. Compiling and summarizing basic information on the practical aspects of the sedimentary basins and exploration work blocks.

  3. Participation in promotion of the biogeographically maps for identification of sites of hydrocarbon source rocks, reservoir rocks and other elements that are significant for the formation and accumulation of petroleum.

  4. Preparation of practical models for the sedimentary basins, such as geochemical and thermal models, and extraction of probable hydrocarbons quantities formed in sedimentary each basin and estimation of the part of the quantity arrested in the geological traps.

  5. Consideration of source rocks and geological traps in the various sedimentary basins (their kinds, quantities of organic matters, degree of maturity...etc).

  6. Consideration and analysis of immigration of hydrocarbon materials.

  7. Evaluation of exploration works in relinquished blocks.

  8. Evaluation of division of sedimentary basins according to their petroleum capacities, pursuant to updated data and information.

  9. Preparation of annual statistical bulletins on the quantitative bulk of the various aspects of exploration works and extraction of indicators and trends with different contents that shall assist in setting up national standards for the petroleum sector, in coordination with the competent agencies.

  10. Preparation of scientific articles for specialized magazines in pursuance of promoting and advertising for the products and compiling of all that is published in such magazines on petroleum geology.

  11. Coordination of its activities with other General Departments in the Sector and Board.

  12. Proposing training needs in the field of its activity.

  13. Presentation of regular reports on its activities and achievement.

  14. Any Other tasks entailed by the nature of its functions.


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