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fourth International Bid Round (Round 4)



No. Date Events

8 th Aug.2007- 8th Dec.2007

Companies submitting  Requests for Participating in the 4th   International Bid Round


9th Dec.2007 - 9 th  Janu. 2008

Pre-qualification of Oil Companies interested in the 4th  International Bid Round

3 10th Janu.2008 20th  Mar.2008

 Review technical data for the blocks open for bidding by the Pre-qualified companies

4 21st  Mar.2008. 19th April.2008 Preparation of the Offering forms by the 4th  International Bid Round Committee
5 20th April 2008 The Minister of Oil and Minerals will address the representatives of the prequalified oil Companies and distrubute  the offering forms.(Ministry of Oil and Minerals Conference hall)
6 21st April 2008-21st June2008 Oil Comanies to prepare and submit their bids for the open blocks for bidding.
7 22nd June2008 22nd July 2008

Evaluation of the bid offers by the 4th  International Bid Round Committee.

8 30th July 2008

Announcement of the final results for the 4th  International Bid Round


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