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Masila - Blocks (14)

-  The second biggest blocks Yemen.

- It's located in (Masila-Sya'un) basin, with area of 1,257 Km2.

-   Block (14) is operated by Canadian Nexen petroleum Company- Canadian company.

- The main reservoirs in the block are (Qishn clastic), (Saar clastic & Saar carbonate, Basil sand), (Madbi carbonate) in addition to Basement rocks.

-  The partners in the Production Sharing Agreement with the Yemeni government are:


Nexen (52%)

CCC (10%)

Occidental (38%).

-  In General it  contains 16 fields with an average production of (58,627) BOPD.

The total number of wells ware 639 until Des. 2011.

-  The block is connected with the export Terminal of ASShihr in Hadhramout province by pipeline (long of 138 Km and 24 inches diameter), with maximum capacity of 350,000 BOPD.

-   The produced oil is intermediate oil in the different fields with a density between (28-32 API) for the main reservoirs, whereas is light oil in basement rocks with (41 API).



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