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East Al-Hajr - Blocks (51)

-          Located in Masila- Say'un basin, with area of 2,004 Km2.

-          Block(51) is operated by Canadian NEXEN Limited Yemen -Canadian Company.

-         The main reservoirs in the block are (Qishn Clastic), (Saar Sand, Saar Carbonate), and expected to be produce from the fracture basement rocks in the future.

-          The partners in the Production Sharing Agreement with the Yemeni government are:

     NEXEN (87.5%)


TYCO (12.5%)

-       The block has (3) fields, with an average production rate of (7,320) BOPD.

-       The total number of wells ware 639 until Des. 2011.

-       The block is connected with the main pipeline of block 14 (NEXEN) by 22 Km long, and 16" Diameter of the pipeline.

-       The produced is intermediate oil with a density between (28-32 API).

-    Fields  in the block are:

          1- Bashin Al Khain  A      Oil

          2- Bashin Al Khain  B      Oil

          3- Bashin Al Khain  k      Oil+Gas

          4- Bashin Al Khain  N      Gas

          5- Bashin Al Khain  I       Gas 


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