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Damis - Blocks (S1)

-    located in the southern part of the Marib-Shabwa basin, With area of (1,156) Km2.

-    Block (S1) operated by Vintage Petroleum Yemen-American Company.

-    The main reservoirs in the block are (Alif Sand) and (Lam Sand).

-    The partners in the Production Sharing Agreement with the Yemeni government are:




YCO (17.5%)

-    In General it contains (2) field with an average production of (8,721) BOPD.

-    The total number of wells ware 49 until Dec. 2011.

-    The block is connected with the main pipeline of block 5 (Jannah) by 27 Km long, and 10" Diameter of the pipeline.

-    The produced is light oil in the different fields with a density between (35-48 API), in addition to a big gas reserve, which is not invested nor exploited so far.


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